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Backlog service


It is common within Local Planning Authorities that from time to time, due to factors sometimes beyond their control (for example large increases in the number of complaints received or absence of staff) a backlog of enforcement cases can build up.


If backlogs are not dealt with, there can be a number of consequences:


Unauthorised development becomes immune from action

Build-up of further backlog with officers under pressure to deal with a large caseload

Public confidence in the planning system is damaged

A Local Planning Authority is open to Ombudsman complaints


Ivy Legal can help relieve the pressure by assisting with a batch of cases, or for a temporary period, or simply handle the most complicated cases.


We are able to deal with the backlog of cases quickly and efficiently. Our services will include investigation of each case, issuing of a PCN if necessary, dealing with all correspondence associated with the case, writing and presenting any necessary reports as well as drafting and serving any resulting enforcement notices. We also offer a fixed fee appeals service where we can deal with any appeal whether by way of written representations, informal hearing or public inquiry.


Contact us for further information or if you would like a quote for specific services.