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Enforcement service review

The organisation and management of a planning enforcement team should fundamentally underpin how a planning enforcement service operates within a Local Authority. The administration of each case from receipt of an initial complaint, through investigation, to the final decision as to whether it is expedient to take enforcement action are all vitally important steps in providing a sound and robust planning enforcement service.


As with any service provided by a Local Authority, a thorough review can provide the opportunity to identify on-going difficulties and provide solutions to these problems. Our review can also incorporate the drafting of an Enforcement Plan.



How we can help


We are able to undertake a full service review of your local authority's planning enforcement service by spending time with your planning enforcement team to understand how the current function operates. Following this, we will produce a report which will identify any weaknesses in the provision of the service, from which a number of recommendations for improvement will be made. We can also assist with the drafting of an enforcement plan.



Contact us if you are interested in a planning enforcement services review.