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Parliamentary Agents 

We are acting as Roll B Parliamentary Agents on the High Speed Rail 2 hybrid Bill currently going through the Select Committee stage in the House of Commons.  Our Ifath Nawaz has worked extensively on the HS2 project for a number of years and has experience of the parliamentary process, petitions, negotiations and select committee hearings.


We can advise on:


1. Parliamentary procedure and the hybrid bill process


2. Petitioning for or against proposals made by hybrid bills


3. Drafting petitions


4. Appearance at Select Committee Hearings


5. Parliamentary presentations and briefings


6. Provision of seminars for those concerned with private or hybrid bills



We are experienced in advising local authorities, parish councils, businesses and individual petitioners throughout the hybrid bill process.


If you wish to find out more about the petitioning process or discuss your issues please contact Ifath Nawaz, on






Spring 2012

Government receives HS2 Ltd advice on phase 2 route options

Autumn 2012

Engagement programme along phase 1 route on Environmental Impact Assessment issues

Summer 2013

Consultation on Environmental Statement

Spring 2014

Consultation on proposed route for phase 2

July 2014

Select Committee hearings commence for petitioners on phase 1

Late 2014

Government announcement on chosen route for phase 2

Summer 2015

Additional Provisions to Hyrbid Bill released by Promoter

Autumn 2015

Petitions for Additional Provisions drawn and heard


Target date for Royal Assent for the Hybrid Bill, containing legal powers to construct HS2


Construction period (starts and ends at different times and at different points along the route)


Commissioning and testing


Phase 1 line opens to passengers

Ivy Legal Newsletter October 2015 - High Speed Rail

Click below to see our newsletter on the High Speed Rail matter

"Throughout this demanding workload I have found Ifath Nawaz calm, able to give cogent and objective advice, and able to both be a good team member and lead on projects and issues. Indeed, she has built up a valuable area of experience and knowledge and the high regard our HS2 work has is in no small measure down to her drive and enthusiasm"


Bob Smith, Acting Chief Executive, Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils