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Ivy Legal is an integrated planning enforcement service for Local Authorities.  We have the resource, the experience and the robust approach to ensure that enforcement is successful and speedy.  We specialise in problem cases and tackling backlogs.  


We can provide RTPI town planners and enforcement officers to assess your problem sites.  Our planners work with our qualified solicitors to produce clear enforcement reports and notices which will withstand appeals.  Our solicitors successfully defend appeals, using our planners as expert witnesses.  Our solicitors can take forward prosecution of planning offenders and obtain POCA confiscation orders.  Our contractors can take direct action to remove planning breaches.  Our case managers protect the local authority ensuring that all action is properly authorised and costed in advance.


We can work alongside your existing team providing specialist help on individual aspects.  Or we can act as officers and handle cases and case-loads directly.  No job is too big or too small; we have handled everything from individual site surveys to the outsourcing of an entire service.  We are not just advisers; we get our hands dirty!


Ivy Legal offers a truly different way of tackling enforcement.  With planners and lawyers working together on case teams, decisions on the nature of the breach and how best to enforce against it are made quickly.  Evidence is gathered to courtroom standard from the outset.  Our resource and our operating methods mean that delays are eliminated and avoids breaches becoming immune.  We seek to implement enforcement strategies that will have direct, visible results which will not only solve individual cases but act as deterrents.  We are firmly in favour of publicity and direct action.  Any negotiations are time limited and handled from a position of strength using local authority powers.  


Elected members and planning portfolio holders appreciate our approach because it produces visible, timely and cost effective results.  We improve deterrence and avoid maladministration claims and damages.  Officers appreciate our approach because we eliminate backlog, boost results and provide regular success stories.

All Ivy Legal partners and employees have extensive experience in working with (and in) Local Authorities.  This gives us a special insight into the needs of local authority planning departments and portfolio holders and we have the experience to deliver an effective service against the budgetary and transparency constraints under which they operate.


Our innovative pricing structures can mean that planning enforcement can be effectively self-funding, important in these times of increased pressure on local authority budgets.  Contact us to find out how.


We are regulated as a law firm by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.  

Planning Enforcement Services for Local Authorities