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We carry out the lifecycle of planning enforcement services on behalf of Local Authorities; from investigations, drafting reports, issuing notices, prosecutions to stepping in on behalf of the local authority to take direct action.


Different local Authorities have different resource capacity and constraints. Our flexible service adapts to each Council's requirements.  Some Councils will want us to take over a breach from start of investigation to resolution of the breach, where others will only need our services for part of the process, such as a prosecution.


We specialise in problem cases and make the process run as smoothly as possible.


In the appropriate case, we encourage and facilitate an early strategy to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to confiscate proceeds an offender has received as a consequence of his criminal activity.


We also strongly encourage the use of Direct action in appropriate cases to rectify a planning breach.



Planning Enforcement

We give practical advice to local authorities on the most appropriate and effective action for planning enforcement breaches.


This may include working on a strategy to deal with a planning enforcement backlog, or advise on a strategy to confiscate an offender's proceeds obtained from his criminal conduct.


We also undertake projects to redesign a Council's enforcement service.


Ivy Legal can also help with your CIL needs.

We help with every step:


Investigations. See Rights of Entry for comments on an LPA's right to enter premises


Issuing notices. See Getting the Notice Right for comments on issuing enforcement notices




Direct Action. See A Call to Action for comments on Direct Action


Confiscation Orders under POCA. See POCA in Planning for advice on using the Proceeds of Crime Act in Planning Enforcement.

Planning Enforcement Process

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